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A Week of Eats for the Undergrad Grind

We know that life on campus is always filled with a wide array of emotions, but luckily, food is always here to help. So eat your feelings, whether good or bad, and make the best of a busy week.


The first day of the week. Your classes are going great! The world is your oyster, so why not dive in. Fried oysters in Po’ Boy form are the perfect way to prep for the week ahead. Aw shucks!


You’re still a little rusty on the back-to-school routine, so shake off any first day fatigue with the best chaser: Taco Tuesday. You went to class two days in a row, so go ahead, indulge by adding that guac.


You made it! You’re on a roll, so kick your feet up and get a little saucy. Soy Saucy. With sushi.


So close to the finish line. Celebrate Friday Jr. and rejoice with ramen loaded with fresh vegetables and sizzling tofu or meat. Get a little crazy and throw in some egg. You deserve it.


The last obstacle between you and victory over the school week. There is nothing more traditional to cap off a long week than pizza. So order the extra pepperoni you’ve earned and get ready for a great semester.

Treat yourself.

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