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Cure Your Chocolate Cravings With These Top Treats

When we’re talking cravings, chocolate is one that we all know too well. And, that makes sense! Chocolate is not only delicious, but cocoa has caffeine in it, which is why sometimes a little cocoa bite is just what we need to hold us over on a long day. Here’s a few favorite chocolate treats from around the country.

If you get a taste for chocolate right around midnight, this place could be your new best friend. Insomnia serves up a fine selection of cookies into the late night hours. We usually don’t pick favorites, but the chocolate chunk with a side of chocolate milk always hits the spot.

Insomnia Cookies, NYC

You can never go wrong with an old fashioned chocolate milkshake, and if you happen to live near Mel’s it’s never hard to find one. Made the way that would make our grandmas proud, Mel’s delivers a creamy chocolate delight that always has us asking for another.

Mel’s Drive In, San Francisco

A warm, fluffy pancake never knew a better match than a handful of chocolate chips. Hashbrowns might be known for it’s namesake, but they certainly don’t cut any corners when it comes to their pancakes. Warm and fluffy with sweet, chocolate nibs melted in; their chocolate pancakes make a good breakfast great.

Hashbrowns, Chicago, IL

You can find some of the best desserts in the most unlikely places. This seafood joint has the perfect light, fluffy chocolate whoopie pie to satisfy your post-meal sweet tooth.

Connie & Ted’s, West Hollywood, CA

If you’re craving chocolate, a good bakery is always a great bet. Cream & Flutter whips up a variety of mouthwatering chocolate creations, but the chocolate almond pinwheel macarons with chocolate buttercream filling gets us everytime.

Cream & Flutter, Champaign, IL

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Mmmm, chocolate.

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