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10 Trending Dishes For June

It’s June, which means it’s time to see which delivery dishes are rising in the ranks and making it into our monthly top 10. We took a peek at our order data from May to see what dishes were rising in popularity and we’re pretty excited about what’s to come. Get hungry for everything from veggies to shortcake, and give these trending dishes a try this month.

We like kimchi, and we love fries, so what’s not to love about the two married together? You can expect these to be just like french fries but seasoned with kimchi, a fermented Korean vegetable medley with a sour but delicious kick. Learn more about kimchi here and order these up here.

Mango salsa has always been a favorite but trending for June is something even better: mango avocado salad. This means delicious chunks of mango and avocado with all the best seasonings, like salt, pepper, lemon or hot sauce. Bonus: these two fruits are in season. Read about more in season delivery dishes and find some mango avocado salad here.

Vegetarians rejoice — there’s finally a new and exciting dumpling for you to explore. Currently gaining popularity in the delivery world, edamame dumplings are just what you’d think — a dumpling packed with pureed edamame beans. Find some of these new-wave dumplings near you.

People are finally realizing that delivery can replace the manic of grilling over the summer. Example number one, a salmon kebob! Skewered cuts of salmon steak with vegetables grilled to perfection are a tasty delivery pick. Find this grilled seafood dish for delivery near you.

This summertime staple has made its way in our top ten trending dishes for the month, and we’re ready to catapult it into number one. Fluffy vanilla cake with fresh, in-season strawberries delivered right to your door? You bet. Find strawberry shortcake near you.

Ah yes, the poké bowl. We all know that these raw fish salads have been making their way into people’s lunch orders since last year, but now they’re being ordered for delivery more than ever. They’re a refreshing and totally delivery-proof dish that you’ll be reordering all month long. Find poké bowls near you.

Greek bowls are a flavorful twist to the classic grain bowls. They include fresh romaine, tomatoes, feta, olives, onions, and your prefered choice of meat — and they’re a whole lot cheaper than a plane ticket to Greece. Give a Greek bowl a try this month for both lunch and dinner! Find Greek bowls for delivery near you.

Commonly known as frites, Belgian fries are trending in delivery, and you’d be smart to hop on the bandwagon. These thick cut french fries are the perfect appetizer or late night snack, especially when you pick out a handful of dipping sauces to go with them. Find Belgian fries near you.

A delicious way to enjoy grilled chicken, shish kebabs are where the meat is skewered, rotated on the grill, and then packaged up and delivered. The best part of shish kebabs are the veggies that get grilled between the meats, contributing to the overall flavor. Try ordering some today!

Finally — the side of all sides has finally made it’s way into your delivery basket. Whether you’re ordering a meal and picking these delicious veggies as the side or getting them topped with onions and bacon bits as a main, the time to order crispy brussels sprouts is NOW. Find some near you.

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