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10 Trending Dishes For April

April is a month for shedding the winter season and trying new things — especially new foods. Based on order data, we predict that these foods are going to be extremely popular this month. Get ahead of the trends and have these dishes delivered.

According to our data, steak burritos are on the rise for April. Opt for this spin on a classic when you want to add some extra flavor and filling to your traditional burrito. Find steak burritos near you.

With the summer months heading our way, keeping things light is becoming a priority. A simple mixed green salad is trending for the month of April — never a bad idea to add one of these to your order. Find mixed green salads near you.

Known as a healing remedy for a variety of ailments, as well as a Chinese cuisine staple, hot & sour soup is rising in order popularity — as it should be, since it is SO delicious. Find hot and sour soup near you.

Known in Greek as “horiatiki,” this traditional Greek salad is packed with olives, feta, onions, and a zesty dressing. Getting this refreshing salad delivered is more popular than ever. Find Greek salad near you.

Fried, boiled, dropped in soup, or devoured a la carte; dumplings are trending this month. From vegetarian to pork and chicken, there is a dumpling for everyone — and bonus: you can get them delivered. Find dumplings near you.

The perfect dish for a family style feast, Chicken Tikka Masala is quickly becoming a delivery favorite. Try this tomato-based Indian cuisine classic this month. Find chicken tikka masala near you.

Rising in popularity in taco delivery, the Taco De Panza is braised pork belly on a bed of tasty toppings, nestled into a warm corn tortilla. Drooling with food envy yet? Us too. Find tacos near you.

If you have yet to get your hands (and mouths) on pork buns, now is the time. These soft doughy pork-packed buns are equally flavorful and hearty. Get them delivered for lunch or dinner. Find pork buns near you.

We all know pizza is a classic delivery staple. But its cousin, the calzone, is rising in order popularity. Why? Probably because it travels well, stays extra warm, and sort of feels like a pizza married a pot pie. Find calzones near you.

With all kinds of talk of pork or pork belly, we’re changing gears to talk about how delicious tuna belly is. Wrapped up with veggies and tucked into a roll, the Toro Scallion roll is a can’t lose addition to sushi night. Find toro scallion rolls near you.

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