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10 Trending Dishes For May

What’s trending in delivery for the month of May? According to our data, we’re seeing order spikes for everything from udon noodle soup and pho to dumplings and tacos. Per usual, our trending dishes are an exciting mix, thanks to the diverse tastes of the Grubhub community. Try these dishes this month — you’re welcome in advance.

Udon noodle soup comes in many shapes and sizes and is fully customizable. It starts with salty dashi broth and hearty wheat noodles, then ends with any and all toppings you can imagine: bean curd, beef, hard boiled egg, scallions, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and anything else your soup-loving soul desires. Find udon soup near you.

Dumplings span across many cuisines and cultures, but in the month of May, people are ordering up a Chinese food favorite – fried king crab dumplings. First boiled and then seared, these dumps pack a flavorful punch. Find king crab dumplings near you.

You might be familiar with a chicken taco — but a chicken tinga taco takes things up a notch. The ‘tinga’ is a spicy addition of red and green tomatoes, chipotle chili and onion strips cooked with the chicken to add some extra flavor. Find chicken tinga tacos near you.

Getting this extra savory prosciutto di parma pizza delivered is one of the best decisions you’ll make this month. It’s a tasty mix of mozzarella, dry-cured ham, shaved parmesan, and some pizzerias will even sprinkle fresh arugula on top once it’s out of the oven. Find prosciutto di parma pizza near you.

Guess what? Not all sushi is raw fish. Pictured here is a shrimp tempura variation, where the fish is fried in batter then wrapped into the sushi roll. Some take the cooked shrimp and marinate it before dropping it into the roll, and others use the additional mixings (like avocado or cucumber) to add extra flavor. Find shrimp rolls near you.

In keeping with what seems to be a theme of seafood, striped bass has spiked in orders. Especially in coastal cities, you can get fresh catch delivered to your door, along with hearty sides like green beans, rice, and more. Find fish near you.

Similar to baba ganoush but more eggplant heavy, this Greek dip goes great with pita and vegetables. Order it as a side or a snack all on its own. And we dare you to try to say melitzanosalata five times fast… Find melitzanosalata near you.

Let’s be honest — bagels never go out of style. From an everything with cream cheese (like the above) to a bagel sandwich packed with lox, capers, cream cheese and more, the options are endless. Find bagels near you.

Move aside regular meatballs — the Grubhub community has spoken and are bringing the heat with spicy meatballs. Whether the spice is packed into the meatball itself, or there is some fire lingering in the sauce they’re mixed up in, spicy meatballs are a hearty dish that is taking this month by storm. Find meatballs near you.

And topping the list of the trendiest orders this month — pho. For those of you unfamiliar with pho, it’s a Vietnamese broth-based rice noodle soup that is all about customization. The more you add, the richer the flavors get. Toppings include meats like beef (above) and chicken, along with a handful of different veggies and herbs. Find pho near you.

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