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10 Trending Dishes for July

Picnics, swimming pools and Summer Fridays are just a few of our favorite things by the time we hit July. But when it comes to food we look to the data to decide what we want to order. According to our order trends these are the ten foods you can count on taking the spotlight this month. Give them a try and embrace these seasonal picks.

Just as sweet as a long weekend, a molten chocolate cake is the key to ultimate indulgence this month.

Everyone’s favorite roasted vegetable is rising in the ranks. Move over, traditional french fries; sweet potato fries are here to stake their claim.

Soy sauce, garlic, and onions — just a preview of the flavors you’ll taste in an order of pork dumplings. Dumplings are a great order for lunch and dinner alike. (And breakfast for those of you feeling extra bold).

Shio ramen is made with chicken or fish based broth for a seriously savory taste. Shio actually translates to “salt” — and it definitely lives up to its namesake with a bold and briny flavor.

Filling the shoes of the popular spicy tuna roll is the all new salmon jalapeno roll. While not necessarily traditional for sushi, adding jalapeno into a roll gives it a wild kick that’s perfect for summer nights. We highly recommend giving this trending roll a try.

The traditional Chinese dish of beef & broccoli has been gaining popularity in the recent summer months. Its perfect harmony of meat and veggie make it a winning pick for lazy summer weekends when all you want is to order some takeout.

Another delivery favorite making the trending list is pad thai. These stir-fried rice noodles can be mixed with everything from tofu to chicken to shrimp and will no doubt be topping your order history after just one try.

These poppable dumplings are a great way to kick off a meal or slow down for a quick snack. Shumai is just one of the many types of Chinese dumpling. Fun fact: this particular kind of dumpling originated in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia — and gets even better with a heavy dunk into some soy ginger dipping sauce.

Watermelon salad is hands down the best way to cool off when you’re also hungry. Some watermelon salads come with basil, heirloom tomatoes, feta, and even mint. It’s a light and refreshing way to enjoy one of summer’s best seasonal fruits.

Two superfoods unite to make this trending dish for July. A kale and quinoa salad is a great pick for a hearty lunch and an equally solid choice for a post-workout meal. Add protein like salmon or chicken to make it even more indulgent.

You can order these trending dishes today!

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