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10 Trending Dishes For September

September marks the turn of the seasons — summer is fading and fall is coming into view. We’re putting away our suitcases and our shorts and trading them for schools books and scarves. The same thing is happening with foods trends: we’re seeing poke shift to traditional sushi rolls, Mexican favorites like tacos and burritos replacing seafood with steak, plus other hearty dishes like shawarma and curry. Check out what’s trending in delivery this month and make sure to check all of these foods off your list by the end of the month.

This Chinese-influenced stir fried noodle dish (which is more commonly eaten in Thailand) kicks off our top ten list for the month — a great transitional noodle dish for switching from summer to fall.

Poke is on its way out for the season and we’re predicting a move back to traditional sushi rolls — like the spicy salmon roll.

This red Thai curry has a salty peanut kick that you’ll be craving all month long.

The egg roll — it can be a great appetizer or a meal in and of itself (if you order a few!). Give them a try for your next dinner or lunch order.

Move over fish tacos — fall is on its way in and than means heartier fillings like steak and chicken.

We’re expecting spikes in Italian Sandwiches as the seasons turn — get ready for peppercinis, salami, and onions, people.

While the food of the summer was chicken burritos, steak burritos are the fall version of this delivery favorite, and are gearing up to be a popular pick for September.

Shawarma is a traditional Greek street food that packs a hearty punch, perfect for the fall weather to come.

Sushi is topping the list of trending dishes this month, and this western take on a sushi roll (cream cheese, avocado and salmon) is a great pick.

And the most popular sushi roll of them all, the spicy tuna roll takes the September trends cake. Give it a try this September.

Order these trending dishes all month long.

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