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Trending Food For Fall

In the spirit of fashion week hitting runways in cities around the world, we’re sharing some intel on what people are ordering this fall in one of fashion’s greatest capitals, New York City. Go ahead, let this list of delectable delivery options inspire your next Grubhub order.

It’s rare that a dish shines as a breakfast, lunch, and dinner staple — so Chicken & Waffles obviously takes the spotlight when we’re talking trending fall dishes in New York City.

Out with the ramen, in with the bibimbap. Chock-full of everything from your choice of meat to steamed vegetables, the key is to let it fry long enough to achieve that delicious rice crunch in the center.

This year, traditional mac n’ cheese is getting dressed up as an order of mac n’ cheese bites. They’re portable, delectable, and well, fried — and who doesn’t love a cheesy fried bite of goodness.

This year, pulled pork is still trending, showing us that a classic never really does go out of style. Hearty and fresh, ordering up a Pulled Pork sandwich is trendy during any season.

Say goodbye to desserts of last year — this year, we’re seeing Banana Pudding take the stage as a favorite dessert.

Eat these trending foods now.

Go ahead, order up!

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