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10 Trending Dishes for August

We’ve got a brand new list of savory eats to order up for delivery this month. Without a doubt this list contains some of our token Summerlicious foods (check them out here). But August brings up new flavors and feelings particular to these dog days of summer — think chips and queso, spicy grilled chicken, lettuce wraps and more.

This hot Chinese dish originated from Hunan cuisine and is made with crispy chicken and an orange sauce, which comes from orange peel zest. It is the perfect marriage of savory and sweet flavors. Don’t forget a side of steamed rice!

Queso comes in many forms — sprinkled with chorizo, layered with refried beans and veggies, or simply in the form of a three cheese mix. Order chips and any of these queso varieties for a spicy, savory snack.

When you’re not in the mood for a burrito but you’re looking for some spice, opt for a chipotle chicken wrap. Order these from your local diner, pub or deli — we suggest adding on a side of chips or salad to make it a meal.

This sandwich is the perfect lunchtime order. Get creative and add on sweet toppings like apples, brie and honey — or keep things spicy and savory with pesto, hot sauce and peppercinis.

Dinner doesn’t always have to be Chinese food or pizza. A grilled chicken entree can be found on tons of restaurant menus — like Italian or American restaurants. If you’re hosting a dinner party or heading to a potluck, this is also a great food to bring for a group.

If you’re craving a falafel but want to ditch the pita, a falafel bowl is the right choice. These bowls usually contain a few falafels (these are deep fried balls made from ground chickpeas or fava beans, and bonus they’re vegetarian) with some veggies and sauces like tzatziki or hummus. They’re great for lunch and dinner!

For a heartier take on a burrito, opt for the steak burrito (on many menus it is spelled out in Spanish as “carne asada”). Marinated and grilled in varieties of seasonings, a carne asada burrito is a great way to get your red meat fix, while also tapping into your Mexican cravings.

Lettuce wraps can be found in a variety of cuisines — Thai, Japanese and even Mexican. These are a great snack or lunch if you’re looking to keep things light, but not lose any flavor. Lettuce wraps can be packed with proteins like ground beef, chicken or steak — or they can go full vegetarian with seasoned veggies and tofu. Make sure you get sauce on the side to dip and pour for extra flavor.

The poke bowl is arguably the food of the summer. As a bowl, it is a great food for delivery and it’s perfectly crafted for your on-the-go schedule this month. The ingredients involve what you can think of as a deconstructed sushi roll — rice, seaweed, raw fish (like salmon or tuna) and a bunch of savory and pickled veggies.

And finally — Brussels sprouts are topping the list of trending dishes this month. They’re a great snack or the perfect side dish, not to mention you can order them on your way to a BBQ and put every person who brought chips and salsa to shame.

Order these trending foods all month long.

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