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A Q&A with Sweet Rose Creamery in LA

We tapped Margot Bloch, the head of operations over at Sweet Rose Creamery in LA, to give us the inside scoop on ice cream delivery (pun very much intended). We asked everything from favorite flavors to how the heck you get ice cream delivered to your door without it melting. Read on to see the […]

Five Trending Foods for Summer

Summer is just around the corner… and you know what that means. Say hello to some new food trends.

Our trending foods for summer has something for everyone–from refreshing salads to cheesy pizza. These top-ordered summer foods won’t disappoint.

Are You The Chicken Wing Or The Celery Stick

Some of us are the chicken wing — and some are the celery stick. Both very important sides of a dish, but both so different. Find out which one you are with this quiz.

The Dinner That Stayed For Lunch Grubhub partnered with Bon Appétit to explore the many ways you can use your leftover delivery dishes in fun and delicious ways. Check out one delivery dish’s journey from dinner to lunch. Order delivery tonight! Browse delivery restaurants

Five Foods from Famous Tour Riders

As if the fame and fortune of being a rockstar wasn’t enough of a perk, musicians get to prepare a list of food and drink requests, known as a rider, for each stop on their tour. What does Britney chow down on before a show? What does Queen B snack on before singing? Find out […]

The Delivery Votes Are In!

Pant suits and power ties are synonymous with sushi and ravioli, right? According to the Grubhub community, they are. For the first debate, we opened the polls early to see who people on Grubhub were hungriest for. Who came out on top? After asking the community to enter codes IMWITHHER or IMWITHHIM for their debate night […]

Grubhub’s Movie “Slice” Delivers!

A mouthwatering inspiration of classic horror films, Slice delivers the perfect bite of Halloween sizzle. The story follows a young couple scared in for a night out after their neighborhood is overrun by a chaotic and concerning crowd. While waiting for his girlfriend to arrive, our protagonist starts to realize that the shady figures on […]

Top 10 Orders During Premiere Week

‘Tis the season for all of your favorite TV shows to crawl their way back to the top of your weekly priority lists. With new TV show seasons come new traditions, and one that we’ve taken to is ordering in for those sacred hours of season premieres. According to our data, you did the same. […]

6 Debates That Taste Better Than The Presidential Debate

While the presidential debate heats up, we’re throwing out a few talking points of our own — the most notorious food debates. Do you defend ketchup as the reigning condiment? Are you a deep dish loyalist? Spark up your own discourse during this tense debate season based on the below commonly disputed food rivals.

Who Are You, According To Your Order History?

“You are what you eat,” isn’t exactly a new idea, but how we get food has certainly changed over the years. Now that online food ordering is here to stay, what does your order history say about you?