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10 Trending Dishes For 2017

Check out the dishes that the Grubhub community has shown us will be most popular throughout the year.

This hearty and brothy stew originated in Puerto Rico, but can be found in many Latin American cuisines. Its rich broth goes great with a side of corn, rice, and traditional chicken, with a squeeze of lime. Find sancocho near you.

Another Latin American favorite takes the next spot! Arepas are corn based patties often stuffed or topped with meats, spices and even fruits for a different and delectable bite, perfect any time of day. Find apreas near you.

This one’s no surprise with ramen joints popping up all over the country. Into the new year expect to see more bold broths making their way into all types of restaurants from quick serve to sit down. Find ramen near you.

A perfect compliment to your sushi dinner, takoyaki can be found increasingly more on Japanese appetizer menus. Watch out potstickers; these savory, stuffed bites kick your meal off with a flavorful punch. Find takoyaki near you.

The days of only getting fried chicken from chains is coming to an end. Small southern-inspired chicken joints are popping up nationwide, providing many opportunities to order this classic southern speciality. Give it a try in dishes like a fried chicken sandwich, or even chicken and waffles. Find fried chicken near you.

When you’re in the mood for a lighter broth, pho is first in line to cure your craving. A close relative to ramen, pho’s broth is simmered – never boiled – and often beef based. There are a handful of toppings you can add, from spices to veggies to your favorite hot sauce, so that every bowl of pho you try can taste different from the next. Find pho near you.

We might be used to just seeing brisket paired with barbecue sauce, but with the amount of orders coming in, we must be craving it in other forms as well — perhaps in a sandwich or taco? Find brisket near you.

There’s nothing that will ever replace the classic french fry, but we can’t resist mixing it up with a tater tot from time to time. Apparently, the Grubhub community agrees! Find tater tots near you.

Sushi lovers rejoice! There’s a new raw fish dish making a rise, and it’s light and delicious. Poke, or raw fish salads, was popularized in Hawaii and made a splash in the mainland throughout 2016. We’re looking forward to watching the trend grow this year and ordering it on Grubhub. Find poke near you.

And the big trendsetter taking on 2017 is yet another Latin American favorite, the tamale! This versatile dish is great as a snack or entrée, has a variety of flavors and fillings, and is being served up in more and more places. Find tamales near you.

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