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Staff Picks: What Grubhub Restaurant Are You Most Thankful For?

This thanksgiving we're thankful for many things - friends, family, health... but our delivery restaurants are high on that list too. We asked our employees in Chicago, San Francisco and New York City which Grubhub restaurants they were most thankful for and this is what they said.

“I’m most thankful for Cheesie’s in Chicago! I travel to the city often and their mac and cheese grilled cheese, side of tater tots and Capri Sun pouch are THE BEST treats after a long day of travel. I love seeing my Chicago team, but I love Cheesie’s even more :)” — Mallorie

Cheesies, Chicago

Empanada Mama is my favorite spot in my NYC neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen. Their empanadas and arepas are outrageously good. I was there all the time until they closed last winter after a fire. I am SO thankful they’ve reopened — and even better, they now deliver on Grubhub too! — Drew

Club Lucky in Wicker Park, Chicago. It’s quite literally our second kitchen.” — Jess

Club Lucky, Chicago

“I am thankful for Village Taverna in NYC and their generous delivery hours, which have allowed for me to indulge in lots of (probably too much?) warm pita and tzatziki during late dinners.” — Jaclyn

Frankie’s 457 in Brooklyn. Best Italian food! It’s super cute in the actual restaurant and they deliver well too. I’m thankful for their eggplant marinara with pecorino sandwich.” — Aliya

Frankies 457, Brooklyn

Parlor Pizza in Chicago! Always saves a dinner party recipe disaster!” — Katie

“I’m thankful for Tsing Tao Restaurant in San Francisco, for letting me order Chinese food when my wife’s working late.” — Justin S.

“We’re thankful for our go-to Mediterranean delivery joint in our neighborhood (Brooklyn), Oasis. They always deliver on time with a smile on their faces, and the yummy food always hits the spot.” — Ray

“I am most thankful for my always reliable ‘go-to’ restaurant when I’m desperately hungry with nothing in the fridge (around 2-3 times a week!), Sushi Pink in Chicago. If I’m working late, I’ll place a pick-up order when I leave and it’s always ready to pick up by the time I can walk there (~20 minutes!). The food is absolutely fantastic, always fresh, and the chef and staff are incredibly kind and welcoming whenever I go.” — Caleb

“I’m thankful for Little Delhi, the Indian food heavyweight champions of SF, because they showed my girlfriend that eggplant can be delicious (shout out to Bengan Bharta). — Justin W.

Little Dehli, San Francisco

“When our kids are at friends houses, my wife and I get to order delicious, spicy Indian food from Curry Hut. A rare treat for us.” — Nate

“I hail from the Bay Area but am now a New Yorker. That being said, I have been hunting for the best Mexican food in this city since the day I got here. When it comes to a quick and simple mission style burrito, I love Dos Toros. The owners are from Berkeley, CA, so they get that the need for a classic mission burrito in NYC is real.” — Ania

Dos Toros, Chicago & NYC

“During passover I must have ordered Matzo ball soup from 7th Avenue Donut Shop three times in a week because it was all I could really eat. By the third order, the SAME delivery guy told me that he hoped I feel better soon. I guess he thought I was sick — I wasn’t sick — but it made my day.” — Lindsey

Curry Hut, Chicago

Lui’s Thai, NYC. It’s my go-to and gives me all the feels (it’s also really good Thai food).” — Brian

Souley Vegan — southern comfort food that embodies everything I love about the Bay Area, from its unique menu to its diverse diners.” — Beebe

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