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Why Sweet Potatoes Are The Only Side That Matters

Ok, we realize this is a bold statement. What about brussels? What about mac? But hear us out — when you ask around, there are *rarely* any people who would say that they don’t like a good sweet potato dish. Here’s why sweet potatoes win at everything.

They come mashed.

Creamy and delicious, everyone’s favorite.

They come roasted.

Classic and unapologetically tasty.


What else can you put marshmallows in and still call a vegetable…

And oh wait, they also come in FRENCH FRY FORM.

I mean, how does one argue with this.

They can be twice baked.

A blank canvas… LOAD ON THEM TOPPINGS.

They can be SOUP? No….

Yes, it’s a soup. Look the heck out.

They can be made into CHIPS.

OH, that’s convenient. Wow, how delicious.

And while they’re a favorite Thanksgiving staple, they go with literally everything at all times of the day.

So, if you’re not eating sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving, you are MISSING OUT.

Get in the spirit.

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