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How To Host A Last Minute Friendsgiving With Delivery

All of a sudden everyone is having a Friendsgiving and either you don’t know how to cook or you realized none of your friends are planners. Don’t worry, you can pull off a Friendsgiving like a star by just getting all of the necessities delivered.

Send the group text — offer your place up as the spot to host.

That’s usually the hardest part. Just rip the band aid off and be the host — you’ll be happy you did!

Send around a few menu options from Grubhub by sharing them via text.

Finally, a delivery app with menu sharing. Grubhub lets you share menus right from the app experience. This makes choosing restaurants to order from and which dishes to all go in on easier than ever.

Tell everyone your address and have them order their dish to your place.

Text your address around and instruct everyone to order their contribution to your place. Done. Easy.

As host, go ahead and find a deli, grocery or restaurant that has some turkey and pie, and preorder it ahead of time.

Search turkey and pie on the app and preorder it in the morning so that it arrives right on time, hot and fresh. Preordering is a great way to check something off your list ahead of time.

Throw a tablecloth over the coffee table, light a candle and call it a Friendsgiving.

Just like that, you make a Friendsgiving happen in a knick of time. Go you.

Find Thanksgiving foods near you

Find Thanksgiving foods near you

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