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Let Delivery Save You From Your Spring Break Struggles

Spring break was amazing — so many Instagram likes, so much drama, and now comes the post-break lull. We know you’re looking to detox that Bahamas trip right out of your system, so we’ve put together a list of foods that you can order on Grubhub to get back on track — bonus: they all taste amazing.

Kickstart your first day back by fueling up with something that will fill you up, like healthy whole grains. Starting the day with a good base of oatmeal will also help you from losing energy throughout the day. Find oatmeal near you.

Add a lean protein like chicken or shrimp to give you sustenance, forgetting all about the nachos and pizza you scarfed at 4am last week. The iron in the greens will keep you feeling great all day, and the calcium in the feta cheese will give you the strength to get through practice. (We can’t help tune out your coach’s yelling, sorry in advance.) Order a Greek salad here.

Good carbs will be your best friend for this week of repair. The fiber will keep you feeling light, and the veggies will add flavor, without adding extra calories. Also be sure to skip any cream-based sauces, and go for olive oil, salt and pepper. Get pasta delivered.

Craving Chinese food? Opt for the healthier version of egg rolls with fresh summer rolls with glass noodles. After all, spring break is over, so the next break you have is summer. These just-as-tasty bites will fulfill your craving for Chinese when late night hunger hits. Find chinese food delivery near you.

Don’t neglect your sweet tooth. Grab a glass of 2% chocolate milk and the urge for some giant, sugary ice cream-based dessert will melt away. Protein and calcium will keep you feeling light but still help you get your fix. Order chocolate milk here.

In your time of spring break recovery, we’re here for you.

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