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The Essential Guide To Midterms

The last push before Spring break is upon you, so fuel up with food and make your study time as efficient as possible. Whether it’s an all-nighter or you’re starting early, we’ve got the snacks to keep your brain fresh.

Not only does the resveratrol in blueberries prevent against cancer and heart disease, it has also been found to boost focus. As if that wasn’t helpful enough, antioxidants stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain, helping you have more energy to tackle your tests. Get your daily dose by grabbing a blueberry muffin or an acai bowl at breakfast.

Folic acid-filled avocados are a key player when it comes to mental clarity. They also contain B-vitamins which help with overall brain power. So, yes, add some guac to your lunch and you’ll feel smarter for more than one reason.

Vitamin E not only boosts memory, but it can also help you retain cognitive skills the older you get. They’re also packed with essential oils which keeps your school skills sharp and, added bonus, helps your skin stay clear. So grab an almond milk smoothie and hit the books.

Dark chocolate is chock-full of all natural study sesh stimulants. Small amounts of caffeine helps you stay alert and the magnesium in this snack helps boost serotonin levels making you feel happier and more confident in your memorization. Order a dark chocolate brownie – it’s totally justifiable.

You can’t focus on an empty stomach, so grab something to sustain you while you study. Whatever you're craving, order it on and let us help you power you to the final finish line.

Get hungry for midterms.

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