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The Ultimate Spread For A Halloween Dinner Party

Swap out candy for these savory eats and host a dinner party on Halloween night. Bonus — you can get it all delivered. But make sure to have candy handy for when trick or treaters show up — you can order that too!

Bite sized food is key.

Make sure you’re ordering foods that are easy to pick up by hand — whether it’s by a ghost, witch, or zombie. The trick to making sure people can stay fueled is serving up these quick bites.

Order something for everyone.

Best part about a party spread is you can mix things up cuisine-wise. Serve chips and dip from a local Mexican spot and then don’t be afraid to throw some spring rolls and potstickers into the mix. This way everyone can land on something they love, no tricks.

Family-style dishes are a great way to fill up.

With a slew of bite sized foods, don’t forget to order some family style dishes that will have everyone loading up plates. The trick is to order mac n cheese, orange chicken, and even chicken parm or lasagna — they’re all great foods for dinner party guests.

No tricks — only treats! Order up a Halloween dinner party spread for this weekend!

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