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An Open Letter To People Who Can’t Grill

For those of you who don't get along with the grill so well...

There’s always that one person at the BBQ that walks out with a towering tray of raw meats announcing “Alrightttt guys, time to get grilling!!” It’s as if they were waiting in hibernation all year long and just cracked a beer, shed their layers, and rose from the ashes carrying this tray.

Memorial Day marks the first appearance of these particular kinds of people, those with spatulas glued to their hips, over-the-top knowledge about dry rubs and charcoal, and yes, aprons with their names or alma maters on them.

We all know this guy or gal, but we don’t necessarily share the same level of excitement. Why? Because some of us straight up aren’t good at grilling. When you’re manning the grill is the meat always under or overcooked? Do one of your shrimps or veggies tend to fall through the grates? Does everything you touch come out dry or fully charred? It’s a tough life out here for people who don’t have patience to be a BBQ expert.

You know who doesn’t need to deal with butchers, charcoal, spatulas, aprons or open fire? You. This is where we come in. Why not leave the grilling to the experts, like the incredible chefs that do the meat picking for you, watch and make sure nothing gets burned, and never ever let your BBQ get dry? Grill, meet delivery.

You can get items like hot dogs, chicken wings, and sliders delivered right to your door, with all of the fixings.

More of a barbecue traditionalist? You can get ribs, burnt ends, brisket and pulled pork delivered too!

Oh and sides? Do you struggle with the perfect consistency of potato salad? Not anymore you don’t. Mac n cheese, coleslaw, potato salad, you name it, we’ve got it ready to be delivered.

So next time the BBQ master himself tries to convince you that the only way to eat over the summer is by the grill, open your Grubhub app and order up some BBQ. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

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