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8 Popular Dishes For January

New year, same you? According to our data, it looks like we’re sticking to old favorites to stay comforted through the first month of the year. Hop on the bandwagon and enjoy these comfort foods, delivered.

Many would argue that bibimbap is best enjoyed when it comes to your table searing hot in the stone bowl. But take it from us, when you get it delivered, it’s just as satisfying. Make sure to eat it the moment it arrives so you can enjoy it hot!

Whether it’s chicken and rice, chicken noodle or chicken and orzo, we’re big fans of this comfort soup. Love soups, overall? Getting them delivered is a life hack you’re going to love. More on soups here.

FYI — these are NOT fries. They are better than fries. Potato wedges are a seriously underrated comfort food. After all, they are potatoes in their purest most delicious form.

The most comforting of all comfort foods, the dumpling. While dumplings span many cuisines (think pierogies and empanadas), you can never go wrong with the classic Chinese pork dumpling. Not to mention, they are the most popular when it comes to delivery orders.

Chips and queso are not only a great food to get delivered, but they’re the perfect app, snack, and are a popular order going into the new year. If you ask us, queso is almost as trendy as street-wear this January.

Dos Toros, NYC and Chicago

Whether it’s breakfast burritos or dinner burritos, there’s something comforting and warming about a big roll of rice, beans, veggies and your favorite protein. Burritos are also popular because they travel really well, making them a great delivery order.

Cold weather calls for a steaming hot bowl of ramen, according to our popular order data. Check out this guide to ordering ramen so you can get ramen delivery ASAP, and order it like a pro.

Last but not least, the side to end all sides — cornbread is a popular order as we head into the new year. Most soul or southern food restaurants will feature this tasty side dish on their menus, but check bakeries to get it a la carte.

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