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How To Build The Ultimate Lunch Bowl

The bowl is a staple of delivery that will never be replaced. It is customizable, portable and it spans a handful of different cuisines (think burrito bowl, poke bowl, and more). We tapped a few of the key players in the ‘bowl’ game to share their tips on how to build the ultimate bowl for lunch.

What is the key to making the perfect bowl?

Just Salad: It’s about the right mix of grains & veggies, because you don’t want to serve just a bowl of quinoa. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland; we don’t serve just raw broccoli – we roast it to add that extra flavor. And we combine dressings like our house-made kale pesto vinaigrette with sriracha to give the bowl a spicy yet traditional ​mixture of flavors.

Veggie Grill: When we create a new menu item like our bowls, we take the approach of, “what do our guests want to eat today?” We focus on the exciting, bold flavors that our guests are craving and from there we conceptualize a veggie-centric dish using vegetables, grains, fruits, and nuts.

Seoul Bowl from Veggie Grill

Qdoba: Fresh tasty ingredients with bold flavors; almost all of our ingredients are made fresh daily in-house. You choose your own combinations to make it your perfect for you.

ASAP Poke: It all starts with a well-seasoned base. Quality is king when it comes to sourcing the freshest fish. Your bowl is only as good as the ingredients you put into it. We use only sushi grade ahi tuna, yellowtail hamachi, and pacific salmon; preparing our fish and ingredients fresh every morning. The sauce should complement the flavor of your fish, not cover it up. Then, freshen it up with seasonal toppings. Poke toppings can range from fruits like pineapple, apple watermelon or mango – giving a sweet finish to your poke — or fresh vegetables like avocado, tomato, edamame, onions, radishes, bean sprouts, daikon and more.

ASAP Poke’s Big Island poke bowl

Rubios: The perfect bowl needs a balance of fresh, flavorful ingredients with interesting textures. We also think it is important to allow guests to customize their bowl. We like topping them with flavorful sauces and salsas to tie all of the ingredients together.

Rubio’s Halibut bowl

What makes your bowls stand out from the rest?

Just Salad: Some grain bowls just look unappealing, so we make sure they taste good AND look good. We want our guests to look at them and say “yasss that’s what I want for lunch!” And we want them to be good enough to snap and post to Instagram, because you know everyone wants to make their friends jealous with whatever they’re doing.

Veggie Grill: We’re always looking for new ways to be creative in the dishes we serve. We like introducing global flavors to our guests allowing them to be transported to an exotic destination with every bite – it’s one thing that really separates us from the rest. Our Moroccan Bowl uses ingredients and flavors that are unique to Morocco and our Masala Bowl infuses flavors and ingredients from India. The same can be said with the ingredients and flavors we use in our Seoul Bowl.

Moroccan Bowl from Veggie Grill

Qdoba: Enjoy your creations by crafting your bowl with over 30 dedicated ingredients. Most of our ingredients are prepared in house daily like our rice and beans, hand smashed guacamole, pickled jalapenos, fresh pico de gallo, as well as our adobo chicken and steak right off the grill. You can even top your creation with 3-cheese queso or if you’re feeling adventurous, top your bowl with our Queso Diablo for an additional spicy kick… And as always, we don’t charge extra for our 3-Cheese Queso or guacamole!

Taco bowl from Qdoba

ASAP Poke: Super, super high quality ingredients and fish – the freshest fish we can find. At ASAP Poke, we believe our commitment to quality makes us stand above all of the rest.

ASAP Poke’s avocado tuna roll poke bowl

Rubios: Rubio’s bowls stand out because we offer a line of products with bold, savory flavors. In addition, they include the element of customization. Rubio’s bowls are served with your choice of all natural chicken, pan-seared shrimp, or grilled or blackened fish. Our bowls can also be topped with Grilled Veggies for guests that want a vegetarian option. We recently added a new bowl to our line, The Cilantro Lime Quinoa Bowl, which really stands out because it has a mix of savory flavors and textures, and the base is a brown rice & quinoa topped with our new cilantro lime mojo sauce and toasted almonds.

Rubio’s taco bowl

All this talk of lunch bowls making you hungry?

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