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Master Al Fresco Dining In 3 Easy Steps

Summer is the season for eating outside. Skip the mess in the kitchen, order some delivery, and pick your favorite outdoor spot to enjoy. From the steps in your local park to the breakwall of the beach, we’ve got some things you need to know to nail your next al fresco dining experience.

1. Plates are your best friend.

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Want to make sure your outdoors eating experience is top notch? Bring along some plates. This way you can turn your delivery order into a family style feast — also, you won’t be worried about spilling food out of a small container. Don’t forget glasses if you plan on sipping some wine or beer!

2. Set up a proper surface.

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Eating outside is super fun, but not when you have nowhere to put your food. Pack a blanket or tablecloth to make sure that you have a good surface to eat on. Large, thick blankets make for picnic perfection and smaller place mats or napkins work well for picnic tables.

3. Bring your own silverware — and don’t forget bug repellent candles.

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Make your al fresco dining experience special by bringing along things like nice silverware and table add-ons like flowers or candles. If you’re eating in a place where bugs may fly by, pack a bug repellant candle. This will set the mood and also keep those pesky mosquitoes out of your grain bowl.

Another excuse to get outside this Summer.

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