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5 Ways To Nail A Last Minute BBQ

Does the idea of planning a barbecue make you feel stressed out? Your next barbecue can be as easy as opening up an app and getting the whole thing delivered. So if there is no grill master in sight and you left everything until the last minute, we’ve got you covered with the food - plus a few key tips to make sure things go off without a hitch.

Tablecloths are your best friend.

Cleanup from a barbecue can be messy. And the last thing you’re thinking about while you’re scrambling to get everything ready is the mess that will face you after it’s over. So set yourself up for success by laying down a tablecloth so you can make clean up as easy as pulling off the table cloth and throwing it in the wash.

Order in your ribs, wings, sides and more.

Leave the ribs to the master and the wings to the fry cooker. If you’re rushing to get a BBQ spread ready, the last thing you need to be doing is burning a perfectly good rack of ribs. Order up everything from wing platters to sliders to grilled chicken to make your barbecue incredible.

Make sure your condiment game is on point.

You might be a trueblue ketchup fan, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few mustard folks coming through. From ranch dressing to hot sauce, condiments tie a BBQ together. Also important, wing sauces — more on that here.

Don’t forget to get your utensils included in your order.

While we usually ask that if you don’t need utensils, opt out in your delivery instructions, this is the time to make sure you are armed with silverware, napkins, and everything in between to ensure your guests aren’t scrambling to wipe their fingers clean.

Food is important, but drinks are also important.

Stay hydrated is going to be key. Order up beverages with your meal, which you can usually find at the end of the delivery menus. Take a look at our delivery beer pairings here for even more inspiration.

These tips should do the trick! Order up and make this BBQ happen.

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