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Introducing the Unexpected Star of Summer: Fried Chicken

You heard it here first: fried chicken is having a moment. Whether we’re celebrating National Fried Chicken Day on July 6th or ordering for picnics, BBQs and (ok, fine, we admit it) dinner for one – fried chicken is on our minds and in our bellies. In fact, summertime orders of this crispy favorite are up over 100%. So, move over hot dogs and hamburgers, there’s a new summer cookout favorite.

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite fried chicken to convince you to skip the grill and order up something deep fried this season.

I’m sorry, are there corn and biscuits in this picture? Doesn’t matter, because look. At. That. Crispy. Skin.
Beautiful on the outside - and the inside.
Ready for its close up and looking so great.
French fries are cool, but have you tried fried chicken?
We’re cheersing to all that fried chicken goodness.

Craving some fried chicken for yourself?

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