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Is It Time To Switch To Hot Coffee?

Here we go, people. It happens every year like clock work. Is it time for you to make the switch from iced coffee drinks to hot? Find out.


If you’re in the northeast, you’re probably thinking OH HECK NO, seeing as every other day it goes from 65º to 78º and it is borderline impossible to predict what to wear, let alone which coffee to get. We suggest holding off until the temps really drop.

Then there are some of us who would rather shiver to their bones sipping iced coffee in 30º wind chill than ever order a “hot” beverage.


If you’re one of those super fall obsessed types, you probably already made the switch at 9am on October 1st (and have the Instagram to prove it).

If you’re a fan of syrups and flavors, making that switch to a hot hazelnut or pumpkin spice latte is a seriously comforting move — we’d suggest going for it ASAP.

And if you’re a hot chocolate fan, that mocha drink is a true sign that the seasons have switched. Make the switch earlier than later to get in on the chocolaty goodness.

So whether you’re an iced coffee devotee, flavor lover, or seasonal switcher, the time to switch is looming. Get excited.

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