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How To Order Breakfast For The Office

Are you on deck to bring in breakfast in for the office this week? We’ve got you. Skip slaving away over the stove at 6am and pick from these options. You can even get them delivered right to the office. Scroll through and tap right into Grubhub to place your order — you’re welcome in advance.

Do you have an office full of healthy eaters? Chia seed pudding is a crowd pleaser for the healthy eating crowd. You can get individual cups delivered with sides of fruits and nuts for everyone to top their own.

Instead of ordering traditional pancakes or waffles, opt for crepes. Scroll through the menus of local French restaurants to find everything from ham and cheese crepes to sweet honey or raspberry crepes. You can even get an assortment to please all sweet and savory tastes.

Want to keep things simple? Order up a dozen breakfast sandwiches. Ask in special instructions to slice them into fours so that everyone at the office can pick and choose different combinations. This also minimizes waste so if someone only wants a small bite, they can take just enough to satisfy their breakfast cravings.

Is your office crowd a bit more traditional? You can never go wrong with the variety that a bagel shop can deliver. Get a huge assortment of bagel flavors, cream cheeses, and even veggie toppings like tomato and cucumber. Make sure you ask the bagel shop to slice the bagels into halves for easy distributing.

This is an easy one. If you’re pressed for time and need to order for pickup, place an order at your local coffee shop for a box of pastries. Make sure to get a wide variety — no one will have any complaints about an apple turnover or a chocolate croissant.

Break the mold on pastries and bagels with individual fruit cups. This is a great way to provide a healthy breakfast for the office, while keeping things sweet. You can even complete the meal with a bowl of yogurt and granola so that the office can make parfaits.

Ordering breakfast for the office, made easy.

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