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How To Order Burgers Like A Pro

Learn how to go pro in ordering burgers.

The bun can make all the difference.

These days, a traditional bun is no longer necessary. From a sourdough roll to a pretzel bun, the options to encase your burger are endless. Looking to lose the bun all together? Try out a lettuce or collard green wrap to hold it all together.

Add-ons are your friend.

Add bacon. Add avocado. Add extra aioli. Add more bacon. When getting a burger delivered, you want to make sure you have all of the proper toppings. We suggest asking for extra of your favorites. If you want to really nail it, ask for extra everything. This way, the burger arrives packed full of flavor magic.

If there’s a lot going on, trust the process.

Add-ons may be your friend when you have a classic burger and customization is natural. But when it comes to a chef’s creation, like a beet aioli-grilled mushroom-deep fried bison burger, just leave it be. There’s a fine line between customizing you order and ruining an already good thing. Be wise and let the chef do his or her job.

And how would you like that cooked?

You’re used to answering this question at a restaurant and today many restaurants have this option built into their Grubhub menus, too. If they don’t, don’t ever be shy about explaining how you want your burger cooked in the dish special instructions. Every restaurant will adhere to your wishes, but the true burger joints will be most happy when you request it medium rare.

Burgers can (and should) be breakfast food.

Ordering a burger before 2pm? Make it a breakfast by simply adding a fried egg. Promise, it will rock your world. After 2pm? You can still add an egg and have breakfast for dinner. Win win.

Assembly required.

Sometimes it’s nice to put your burger together when it arrives. This way you can have all of your ingredients mesh together fresh just before you take a bite. Some argue that getting it delivered all together helps to set the flavor situation up just right. To each their own! But we make it super easy to do this — just mention you want it deconstructed it in the special instructions of your dish before you place it in the basket.

Learn how to go pro in ordering burgers.

Get your burger on.

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