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Q&A: How Do You Celebrate All Flavors?

Flavors define the foods we eat, the tastes and preferences we have, and the resulting things we hold most dear. A flavor is a definition of oneself in truest form. A flavor doesn’t have someone speak for it and a flavor can be interpreted in many ways: some may think spicy is delicious, some may think spicy is way too hot. Some may hate sweet things and others can’t get enough. In honor of Pride month, we asked a few influential members of the nationwide LGBTQ+ community to answers some of our questions about their flavors, how they celebrate them, and how they define themselves. Read on and get inspired!

What does #CelebrateAllFlavors mean to you?

Baddie Winkle: Celebrate all types of people, things and surroundings in harmony.

If we’re talking food, which dish would you say represents your flavor?

Baddie Winkle: A medium rare steak with buttered mashed potatoes and a little bit of broccoli with a chocolate shake.

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Consider this your personal “flavor profile.” What flavors best represent you?

Lexine DeLuca: My culture identity is mixed and this creates a diverse “flavor” profile for me! My mother is Chinese/Filipino and my father is Italian. The diversity that I’ve experienced throughout my life has shaped the way I think of flavors. As I think through this question, I believe I’m a diverse range of flavors. At this moment in time, I’m full of surprises. Like one of my favorite guilty pleasures, General Tso’s Chicken (drools) – I’m sweet, savory and oh so spicy!

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What is one of your favorite Pride traditions?

Arielle Scarcella: The parade! People tend to overlook it but it’s how it all started — as a march and protest for our rights.

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What does #CelebrateAllFlavors mean to you?

Ramzy Masri: Growing up, I didn’t see many representations of myself in popular media. There just weren’t many queer people who were visible… especially brown ones. To me, #CelebrateAllFlavors is about finding joy in the things that make us different. Those things are often what makes us unique and special and are absolutely worth celebrating. There’s something new and interesting to learn from every person and every flavor… and the more loud and proud you are, the more other people will feel comfortable with their own quirks.

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If we’re talking food, which dish would you say represents your flavor?

Andrew Kuttler: I think pineapple pizza best represents my flavor — bold, quirky but undeniably sweet!

Pride is a beautiful time of year, but how do you celebrate all flavors year round?

Andrew Kuttler: Just by being kind to people, from all walks of life, asking about their story and where they came from. Taking a second to listen to someone else’s story – that’s Pride. Not only being proud of who you are but making someone feel proud of who they are, too.

Read the rest of Andrew’s Q&A here.

Share your flavor by posting which team you’re on, like #TeamSpicy or #TeamSweet, on social with the hashtag #CelebrateAllFlavors. Have an amazing Pride month!

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