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#CelebrateAllFlavors: Meet Baddie

We tapped prominent LGBTQ+ influencer Baddie Winkle to talk about Pride, her personal flavor, and what #CelebrateAllFlavors means to her. And of course we asked about her favorite delivery eats. Read on and get inspired.

Consider this your personal “flavor profile.” What flavors best represent you?

Definitely Sweet and Spicy.

Let’s dig deeper — what do these flavors say about who you are?

Spicy because I am feisty, outgoing, and I don’t let anything or anyone get me down. Sweet, because I love people and mak[ing] them smile and laugh. I’m a good mixture of both.

Can people be more than one flavor? Why?

Absolutely, you can be all kinds of different flavors. One day you can wake up [and] be sweet, and the other day you can be a little too tangy for my taste buds.

What is one of your favorite Pride traditions?

I love getting together and celebrating love and equality for all.

What does #CelebrateAllFlavors mean to you?

Celebrate all types of people, things, and surroundings in harmony. Embrace who you are and love yourself. Try to not question yourself too much and go with the flow.

If we’re talking food, which dish would you say represents your flavor?

A medium rare steak with buttered mashed potatoes and a little bit of broccoli with a chocolate shake.

What’s your go-to delivery dish?

I always love a good sweet tea and mac and cheese.


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