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Rainbow Foods Roundup

Pride is about to heat up so we’re doing the obvious — gathering all of the rainbow foods out there that you can get delivered. Because who has time to go out and pick these up or make them? You’re getting your Pride on all month long, and these foods are ready to shine with you.

Order up a Rainbow Roll for your favorite sushi spot to get in the Pride spirit.

Goddess Bakery in Chicago, IL

Rainbow layer cakes are all the rage. Get a slice (or a whole cake) delivered to celebrate Pride month.

Slather some cream cheese onto a rainbow bagel and get in the Pride mood.

From rainbow sprinkles to rainbow dough, order up a box of rainbow cookies to stay in theme with the month.

Rainbow foods aren’t all sugar! Veggies in a salad make for a beautiful rainbow display.

Acai bowls make for a great canvas to build a stunning and colorful rainbow. Goji berries, kiwis, coconut and more are the new colors of the rainbow.

Another crowd pleaser in the rainbow food category is a colorful poke bowl. Beautiful to look at, and packed with nutrients to fill you up too!

Layers on layers of colored ice cream or blended fruit make for a beautiful (and super rainbow-y) shake.

Rainbow Ice Cream Sandwich from The Baked Bear in San Francisco, CA

Bite into a rainbow ice cream sandwich and let the rainbow take over.

Get your favorite rainbow foods delivered.

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