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Fuel Up For Your City’s Pride Parade

Pride Month is well underway, and that means you’re planning tirelessly for your pre-parade soiree. While we know the morning will be filled with dancing, photos, and hopefully a rooftop or two, you’re going to want to have some food to keep you energized and feeling great all day long. Here are our top picks - and bonus, you don’t have to go outside to get them, we'll deliver them right to the party.

Breakfast Sandwich

Since prepping for Pride starts early in the morning, turn to some tasty breakfast dishes to kick off your day. Don’t shy away from loading up a breakfast sandwich with everything from avocado to bacon to extra bacon.

Cold Brew Coffee

If we’re talking fuel, we’re going to need caffeine. Order up a box of coffee from your local deli or a round of iced coffee if the suns already out and you’re going to need a refreshing sip.

Grain Bowl

A grain bowl does it all for you — satisfies your cravings, fills you up, and will actually help you sustain energy through the busy day. Add everything you love, from avocado to shredded carrots to roasted mushrooms. Hey, build a rainbow if you’re feeling committed.


Not only are tacos the ideal quick bite food, they come in all flavors. You can slice and dice your taco game any way you please, plus it’s an easy way to order up for a group and make sure everyone is happy with the food.

Hearty Salads

If a grain bowl isn’t quite your vibe, opt instead to keep it leafy and healthy, but not necessarily light. Loading up your salad with proteins and toppings is a great way to make sure a salad keeps you full. Pick basic greens and build your own magic to help energize you for the long hours of festivities ahead.

French Fries

Did you know? French fries are some of the best fuel for dancing, celebrating, skipping, and everything in between. Their bite sized, dippable and everyone loves them. So make sure to order up a side of fries with whatever you choose.

Have a happy Pride Month!

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