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Four Times Sharing The Menu Can Save The Day

Gathering a group to order together isn’t always easy, so Grubhub made ordering for the group a little easier. How? Menu Sharing. This new feature lets you pick the place, send the menu, and overall makes ordering *super* easy. So when should you put this nifty feature to work? See below for a few instances to call upon this life saver.

Brunch Plans

Last night was a LATE night. You wake up, and you get that text. “Wanna get brunch?” The idea of getting out of bed is so overwhelming that you panic, hide under the covers, maybe even shed a tear. But then, a stroke of genius. You quickly respond: “Sure. My place. Sounds good. What do you want to eat?” And before they can even respond, you’ve sent them the menu to the best brunch spot in your hood. Eggs benedict in bed anyone?

Indecisive Eaters

Everyone’s been there — the dreaded “I don’t care, what do you want to eat?” convo. There’s rarely a perfect answer. Except tonight. Cut it off before it gets out of hand by sharing the menu from where YOU want to eat, and you’ll become that mealtime hero.

Time Crunch

You and your friend have exactly 30 minutes to meet up for lunch and discuss the latest group text drama. Time is of the essence here, so skip waiting in line wondering what to order by simply sharing the menu and timing the perfect pickup. Yep — the #UltimateLunchHack has been found.

Watching The Game

From dietary restrictions to spice level preference, everyone has their verrry specific tastes. Don’t waste time deciding what to eat after the game has started. Share the menu earlier in the day and fight over the refs call instead of how spicy you want your wings.

Menu sharing, to the rescue.

Give it a try.

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