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5 Ways To Make Your Sandwich Seasonal

‘Tis the season to literally only eat holiday centric foods. But seriously, adding these fall and winter flavors to your sandwich will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Add cranberry sauce.

Whether or not you like Thanksgiving as a meal (and if you don’t you’re a little crazy, sorry), adding cranberry sauce to your sandwich is a great way to taste the seasonal flavors. The tangy jam is extra tasty when paired with lettuce, sliced turkey, cheese of your choice and wrapped up into some crunchy sourdough bread. Try it!

Aiolis are your friend.

Bring on the seasonal spreads. Whether it’s a roasted garlic aioli or a maple bacon spread, these toppings take any sandwich to the next level. Check your local menus for these seasonal specials and thank us later.

Apple and brie, FTW.

This classic french sandwich staple is 100% in season right now. Try an apple and brie baguette sandwich to get the fresh snap of apples plus the salty and savory taste of brie — which marry to make the perfect flavor explosion. (Add bacon if you’re feeling wild)

Homemade breads are key.

Tons of delis make their own bread, so opt for one of their seasonal options, like a pumpkin or olive loaf. A flavored speciality bread will surround your sandwich toppings with all kinds of seasonal cheer. #goals

Turkey and ham, please.

At the very least, opt for these holiday meat staples in your sandwiches. If you fear the cranberry sauce or pumpkin flavor bread, this is one way to take part without going into full holiday cheer mode.

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