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#CelebrateAllFlavors: Meet Lexine

We tapped prominent LGBTQ+ influencer Lexine DeLuca to talk about Pride, her personal flavor, and what #CelebrateAllFlavors means to her. And of course we asked about her favorite delivery eats. Read on and get inspired.

Consider this your personal “flavor profile.” What flavors best represent you?

My culture identity is mixed and this creates a diverse “flavor” profile for me! My mother is Chinese/Filipino and my father is Italian. The diversity that I’ve experienced throughout my life has shaped the way I think of flavors. As I think through this question, I believe I’m a diverse range of flavors. At this moment of time, I’m full of surprises. Like one of my favorite guilty pleasures, General Tso’s Chicken (drools) – I’m sweet, savory and oh so spicy!

Let’s dig deeper — what do these flavors say about who you are?

I think my flavor profile is complex. Like most people, I’m not defined by one single flavor and moreso as humans we are constantly morphing into who we are (a mix of our aspirations, culture and experiences). I think my flavors say that I’m different and I’m so happy to be in a place where my friends, family, community celebrate my unique flavors.

Can people be more than one flavor? Why?

Absolutely! Gosh, if someone were to look at the food I eat, the Grubhub deliveries I’ve had, the food I cook — it would be a huge mix of flavor profiles. That’s what makes food exciting — the complexity of it. Like food, we are a culmination of our life experiences! The world is a big sauté pan and we are constantly mixing flavors; from our culture to our tradition to our friends and experiences.

What is one of your favorite Pride traditions?

My favorite pride tradition is spending it with the people I love and [the people] who accept me. We celebrate our journey! Whether it’s going to the parade, going out for drinks, or having a meal together, PRIDE is exciting because it’s about no fear in being you and that’s such a beautiful statement. If I were to pin one thing down as my favorite tradition it would be the night after the PRIDE parade when I’m heading home with my friends and girlfriend. The calm after all the chaos — ordering food, sitting down and remembering how lucky we are to have a life that’s so full of flavor, love and hope.

What does #CelebrateAllFlavors mean to you?

Throughout my life, I’ve learned to accept myself. The differences in my parent’s cultures to learning about my sexuality has created a unique perspective of acceptance. #CelebrateAllFlavors, to me, is an exciting campaign of honoring our individualities and through that learning more about ourselves. If I didn’t have the unique community around me I would have never experienced so many different things. It’s like being introduced to a new dish/cuisine; it’s exciting, invigorating and humbling!

If we’re talking food, which dish would you say represents your flavor?

If I were to choose what represents me, I think it would General Tso’s Chicken. It’s this innovative Chinese American dish that’s evolved based on region. It’s complex [with] flavors ranging from sweet [to] sour [to] savory… I want some now.

What’s your go-to delivery dish?

The most ordered dish on my Grubhub account is General Tso’s Chicken. When ordered, it begs to be shared with others and it’s such a communal dish that everyone loves.

Pride is a beautiful time of year, but how do you celebrate all flavors year round?

Food plays an important part in my life. It’s a social pastime that I can experience with the people I love. I use food to celebrate my friends and family by exploring flavors together. From my traditional Italian Easter meal to the family gatherings in Chinese buffets with my Asian side, I’m in a constant flux of celebrating something unique in my life.


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