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#CelebrateAllFlavors: Meet Andrew

We tapped prominent LGBTQ+ influencer Andrew Kuttler to talk about Pride, his personal flavor, and what #CelebrateAllFlavors means to him. And of course we asked about him favorite delivery eats. Read on and get inspired.

Consider this your personal “flavor profile.” What flavors best represent you?

Bold and Sweet!

Let’s dig deeper — what do these flavors say about who you are?

Being bold means not being afraid to stand out, whether people like you or not! I try to hold true to this sentiment in my work and in life. I would like to think I’m sweet, too! Being kind to people will always turn someone’s day around.

Can people be more than one flavor? Why?

The more flavors the better, in my opinion! Why limit yourself to one?

What is one of your favorite Pride traditions?

One of my favorite Pride traditions is going to see the parade in West Hollywood, California. I’m so blown away by the boldness of everyone celebrating — unapologetic and colorful.

What does #CelebrateAllFlavors mean to you?

To me, #CelebrateAllFlavors means recognizing and accepting ALL flavors, even the ones that aren’t yours! Everyone is different and everyone has a different story, that’s what makes us beautiful! Take your time to find yourself and be proud. Coming to terms with your identity is a process, don’t rush it and always be your own authentic flavor.

If we’re talking food, which dish would you say represents your flavor?

I think pineapple pizza best represents my flavor — bold, quirky but undeniably sweet!

What’s your go-to delivery dish?

I order vegan pineapple curry at least once a week.

Pride is a beautiful time of year, but how do you celebrate all flavors year round?

Just by being kind to people from all walks of life [and] asking about their story and where they came from. Taking a second to listen to someone else’s story – that’s Pride. Not only being proud of who you are but making someone feel proud of who they are, too.


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