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#CelebrateAllFlavors: Meet Ramzy

We tapped prominent LGBTQ+ influencer Ramzy Masri to talk about Pride, his personal flavor, and what #CelebrateAllFlavors means to him. And of course we asked about his favorite delivery eats. Read on and get inspired.

Consider this your personal “flavor profile.” What flavors best represent you?

Fruity, Sweet and Savory!

Let’s dig deeper — what do these flavors say about who you are?

Well, I’m a little light in the loafers, so I think fruity is self-explanatory. The other two: I’m sweet when you first meet me, but then you’ll find out later I can be a little salty.

Can people be more than one flavor? Why?

Of course! A well-balanced meal has lots of flavors. Variety is the spice of life… no one is one thing all the time! 🙂

What is one of your favorite Pride traditions?

I’m always really excited and proud to march in the pride parade with my brothers and sisters. In this age of social media it’s easy to forget the simple power of showing up IRL and sharing a common vision and cause with a large group of people. Inevitably it turns into an outpouring of love and support and a common sense of activism… and that feeling is what inspires me to make my work.

What does #CelebrateAllFlavors mean to you?

Growing up, I didn’t see many representations of myself in popular media. There just weren’t many queer people who were visible… especially brown ones. To me, #CelebrateAllFlavors is about finding joy in the things that make us different. Those things are often what makes us unique and special and are absolutely worth celebrating. There’s something new and interesting to learn from every person and every flavor… and the more loud and proud you are, the more other people will feel comfortable with their own quirks. There is nothing wrong with you, no one is allowed to steal your joy, and there is so much beauty in being true to how you feel on the inside. Be you and be free because the haters are just jealous of how fabulous you are… and who knows — maybe you’ll inspire someone else to live their authentic self.

If we’re talking food, which dish would you say represents your flavor?

Peach cobbler! I’m southern, fruity and sweet with a salty finish.

What’s your go-to delivery dish?

I order curry a lot! Also, I love tacos.

Pride is a beautiful time of year, but how do you celebrate all flavors year round?

My instagram is an ongoing project about making every day a pride parade. One of my goals is to use it as a platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, to inspire folks to act and to represent underrepresented minorities. Also, I’ve been trying to meet people I wouldn’t normally meet, who are out of my ideological bubble or who challenge me. Celebrating all flavors means all of them, even people you might not agree with


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