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An LA Native Talks Favorite Delivery Spots

LA is the land of workout fads, starving artists, stunning views, and an overflowing amount of incredible food. All other things aside, we decided to dive deeper on the best delivery restaurants in the city. (We’ll leave you guys hanging on those trending workout fads). We tapped Los Angeles foodie and blogger crew over at Hangry Diary to take us around to their favorite delivery spots in LA. Read on to hear all their favorites from where to order incredible popcorn chicken to their go-to poke spot in the city.

Poppy + Rose

When you are craving some luscious, crispy fried chicken on the weekend, and you’d like it delivered right to your bed, Grubhub has got you covered! They have our favorite fried chicken and waffle with smoked honey butter from Poppy + Rose in Downtown Los Angeles. Besides scoring high on reviews, delivery is exceptionally fast. Plus, you don’t have to wait for an hour outside Poppy + Rose if ordering on Grubhub!

765 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar

A burger is always a good idea, and you can find a great one at one of the best burger joints on Grubhub, the Plan Check Kitchen + Bar. When you’re planning a party at home or looking for something to bring to the party, look no further than Plan Check. Their Plan Check Burger is to die for! What’s even better is that with Grubhub, you can preorder for the party spread four days in advance.

1800 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Seoul Sausage

If you’re spending the day visiting the museums in Downtown, preorder the Kalbi burger from Seoul Sausage for pickup on Grubhub and enjoy some sunshine chowing down on the delectable burger al fresco. Don’t forget the sweet potato waffle fries – your friends will thank you later (and are sure to steal a bite).

236 S Los Angeles St Unit G Los Angeles, CA 90012

Mainland Poke Shop

You no longer need to go all the way to Glendale to pick and choose your poke bowl! You can now order it on Grubhub. Besides the signature menu items, such as the Lu’ua bowl, the Ichiban bowl, and the So Cali bowl, there is also a build-your-own bowl option. Food is delivered fresh and beautifully, which is perfect for food bloggers like us — plus, they are open from 11am to 10pm every day. Pro tip: one of the most effective ways to lower stress is by adding a dessert to your cart, such as panna cotta or coconut macaroons!

252 S Brand Blvd Suite C, Glendale, CA 91204

Lao Tao Street Food

Craving for Taiwanese cuisine while you’re working in Downtown? Lao Tao Street Food is one of the best choices. According to the reviews on Grubhub, deliveries are made within 30 minutes and the orders are 100% accurately fulfilled. If you want to swing by instead, they have an option for pick-up, too. A small, family-run restaurant prepares all their food fresh. Just imagine, a hot and delicious beef ban mien bowl, a twice-fried popcorn chicken and an iced osmanthus ding-dong oolong tea, delivered right to your door. Like a dream come true! You won’t be disappointed.

727 N Broadway Suite 207, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Try some of Hangry Diary’s picks today!

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