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These Are The Best Late Night Delivery Spots in LA

It’s midnight, you’re wrapping up your night, and you’re insatiably hungry. How is it that this is always the time when everything around you seems to be closing? That’s where delivery comes in. When those late night cravings hit, it’s important to know which restaurants are still delivering dishes that can satisfy you. Here are some great late night spots that you can get delivered in the LA area.

This Indian restaurant has some of the best flavors in the entire city and yup, it’s open late. The Lamb Samosa is a perfect starter and the Agra Chicken Special for One is a sure bet to have delivered for a satisfying late-night meal. Get your late night Indian food on with Agra.

For some incredible fried chicken late at night look no further than the famous BBQ Chicken LA. This spot is open late and won’t make you sacrifice flavor for convenience. Their delivery is fast and always accurate.

This spot serves up some of the best classic American fare and is a sure bet for late night dinners. They boast LA’s Best Hamburger, an apple pie dessert, and a late night pancake stack. It’s diner food delivered to your door in the wee hours of the morning. What more could you want?

You can’t go wrong with Mexican, and Danny’s Tacos is up all night delivering delicious tacos, burritos, and tortas. The Asada Fries deliver really well and are the perfect late-night indulgence. You also can never go wrong with any taco on the menu.

Who’s ready for some fresh ground, 100% pure lean beef grilled to perfection? Well if you’re number one late-night craving is for a hamburger, Fatburger’s got your back. We’d go for the Fatburger Meal (which is a ½ lb patty and fries) if you’re extra hungry — or grab a friend to share if that’s too much burger for your buck. You also cannot go wrong with layering up the patties, pictured below.

For some excellent late night Italian fare you can count on Cuore Dell Amante. This homey and delicious spot has a wide selection of menu items, and delivery is fast, warm and convenient. Talk about stepping up your late night pizza game…

If wings are your thing, then Big Wangs should be your go-to late night spot. If you want more than wings, they’ve got that too! Big Wangs has a great variety of dishes available for delivery, from the Big Wang Sliders to the Little Wang Chicken Wings or even a side of brussels sprouts.

Yard House has a creative and unique menu, and is known for delivery that is on-time and accurate. Dive deep into this menu because they’ve got all sorts of fantastic eats to pick from late at night. A few of our favorites? The Jerk Wings and their many mouth-watering pizzas.

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