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The Top Sushi Delivery in LA

Once you’re craving sushi, there’s no changing your mind — we’ve all been there. But have no fear, because we’ve scoured the best sushi delivery restaurants in LA to give you guidance when that sushi hunger hits. Take a look at a few of our favorite sushi delivery restaurants in LA and get ordering.

Sushi Nabeeya is right in the Financial District, and their sushi rolls are always fresh. They come in a wide variety of creative styles with slight tweaks to our traditional favorites. The Caterpillar Roll, for example, is like a California Roll but comes with avocado on the outside. This spot is delicious and an excellent bet for delivery. Also, give their poke a try — you won’t regret it.

Wokcano is a must for this list. They are located right in Downtown, and are a go-to for delivering a great selection of sushi. The Golden Salmon Roll is a weekly special that is absolutely worth trying, and comes with spicy salmon and cream cheese, then topped with fresh salmon and fish eggs.

Kombu Sushi lives in Silver Lake and sits right on Sunset. Their Baja Roll with yellowtail, mango, cilantro, serrano pepper, and lime is a unique standout. The Veggie Crunch Roll is also a great pick that you can get delivered. Bonus: it comes with an assorted mix of perfectly crisp tempura vegetables. We know — swoon.

The now infamous sushi-burrito deserves a spot on your sushi delivery list, and Goshen Cuisine has an excellent and creative menu that includes one. The Shrimptopia Burrito is a top seller and comes with shrimp tempura, spicy crab meat, tamago, lettuce, Asian slaw, kale, jalapeño crush, red paprika, lotus chop, ginger guacamole, and Goshen spicy sauce. Not a huge fan of the sushi burrito? Their poke bowls (pictured here) will also do the trick.

This Japanese restaurant has a special knack for fast, healthy lunches. Their sushi delivery is on-point and on time. The Spicy Lobster Roll is phenomenal. It comes with spicy lobster crabmeat, avocado, cucumber and is delivered with a daily signature salad. Side of edamame = a must.

Roll Call has an excellent assortment of fresh sushi rolls available for delivery (and an equally excellent name). The Holy Grail roll is a top seller for good reason. It comes with yellowtail and scallion, and is topped with fried garlic crisps, a sweet wasabi dressing, and jalapeño slices. Yes, you read that right — jalapeños, on a sushi roll. Not only is this a killer choice, every other roll on the menu will blow you away, like the tempura roll pictured here.

Here’s a sushi spot that will raise your expectations for sushi delivery. They are located in the Financial District and have an excellent selection of specialty rolls. The Beauty Roll is a particularly popular one that gives you the best of spicy tuna and salmon ingredients. They also top a majority of their rolls with sashimi, so you can get flavor in and outside of the roll — score.

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