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How To Order A Sushi Burrito Like A Pro

Sushi burritos hit the scene a few years ago but for some reason the idea of ordering one still feels a little bit intimidating. Let us break down the steps to ordering your perfect sushi burrito.

PSA: If you don’t like sushi, you probably won’t like a sushi burrito.

While we’re talking about a burrito here, the only thing that makes this a burrito is the shape and construction. Make no mistake, a sushi burrito tastes nearly exactly like a sushi roll, but is just larger and packed with even more veggies, fish and rice. So if sushi isn’t your game, head on over here to find actual burritos.

Yes, you can order a vegetarian sushi burrito.

Are you a vegetarian? Then sushi burritos are a great choice for a filling, savory snack. You can load up your sushi burrito with avocado, cucumber, crunchy onions, tofu and more to make for a really satisfying meal.

Don’t panic! Just choose your raw fish the way you’d choose your sushi.

When it comes to picking the key filling for your sushi burrito, think about what sushi or sashimi you traditionally choose. If you’re a spicy tuna fan, make sure to opt for the tuna option with wasabi or sriracha (yes this exists). If you like a Philly roll, go for the salmon sushi burrito. And if you’re all about that eel or crab life, you know the drill — ask for it in your sushi burrito.

A delicious tempura shrimp sushi burrito with some crab salad, crisp veggies like carrot, spinach and cucumber, with some boiled sweet potato and finally wrapped up with Cheetos — don’t forget the katsu sauce on top!

Topping teamwork makes the dream work.

You might think it ends at rice, fish, and seaweed. But there is so much more to it. These are a few of the common (and uncommon) toppings you might find with your sushi burrito:
– Cucumber — this classic sushi filling helps kick up the crispness a notch
– Avocado — always a must, if you ask us
– Pineapple — add a tropical twist with this tart fruit
– Mango — another chunky fruit that adds an extra kick of flavor
– Edamame — don’t get on the side what you can put in your burrito
– Spinach — if you’re trying to fill the burrito with more layers, spinach is a good pick.
– Carrot — add some freshness and crunch with carrots
– Tofu — a filling loved by vegetarians and meat eaters alike
– Flaming Hot Cheetos — yes, sometimes, sushi burritos are wrapped and lined with these. Trust us, it is amazing.
– Boiled Sweet Potato — this is great option if you want to make your sushi burrito more hearty

Drooling over this spicy salmon sashimi sushi burrito complete with crab salad, cucumber, avocado, carrot, tofu, spinach, a yes, you’re reading this correct, red cheetos on the outside.

Sauce selection is key.

Last but not least, raw fish and rice are the perfect canvas for a zesty sauce. Starting at the most simple we have soy sauce — but sauces for these trendy sushi burritos have expanded far beyond the traditional picks. You’ll find some of the below when you order:
– Soy sauce — your traditional sushi dipping sauce/dressing; you cannot go wrong here
– Katsu sauce — this is the equivalent of BBQ sauce, just Japanese
– Spicy mayo — you’ve probably come across this in other cuisines; it’s a great add for a sushi burrito
– Unagi sauce — this is like soy sauce, just thicker and sweeter (think the consistency of honey)
– Curry sauce — think an Indian curry sauce but thicker and saltier
– Hot sauce — kick up the spicy with any hot sauce that you can find
– Sriracha — a traditional hot sauce paste that goes great with sushi burritos; warning, it is quite spicy!

A more traditional take with shrimp tempura AND spicy tuna (because why not) with all of the regular fixings.

Get your sushi burrito on.

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