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How To Order Brunch Like A Pro

Sundays are made for brunch, brunch is made for Sundays, etc. We all know this. But what you might not know is how to bring the brunch to you. Instead of waiting in line and dealing with the masses, your local restaurants can deliver your favorite brunch foods right to your home. Amazing, right? Give it a try this weekend — but read up on how to make the most of it, below.

Who are you ordering for?

What you are going to order will definitely depend on who you are ordering for. Is it a casual group of friends coming over? Something more formal? Maybe just roomies brunch after a long night out? Or perhaps even your family is coming over? Different occasions call for different foods. Check out a more in depth guide to different types of brunches here — and make sure you order for the number of people coming around, not to mention keeping any dietary preferences in mind.

Sweet, savory, or both.

This is the big question for brunch. To get waffles/pancakes or an omelette/eggs benedict. Here’s out pro tip. While sweets are super enticing, we like to order up a protein packed brunch dish like a breakfast sandwich, omelette, or scramble, then share a sweet dish for the group. This way you aren’t tasked with finishing the entire jumbo stack of chocolate chip pancakes on your own (unless that’s your thing, then GO for it).

All of the brunch things.

All sauces and toppings on the side, please.

Take it from us, you do not want any sauces, syrups or toppings on your food during delivery. Whether it is the honey on the oatmeal, egg on the avocado toast, or syrup on the pancakes, hit up the special instructions and always ask for them on the side. Then you can load it up once it arrives at your door.

Sides are very important.

Once you settle on your mains, definitely have a look at the side options. Bacon, scrambled eggs, avocado, hash browns and so much more await. These are great for groups to pick at or if you’re just feeling very hungry. Never disregard the sides.

What eggs benny dreams are made of.

Set the table or save on clean up.

There are two ways to approach delivery brunch. Number one, set a table and slide all of the food onto nice place settings and dishes. This makes the event feel civilized and formal. The other way to go is to keep everything in dishes and go classic delivery brunch. If this is your move, bonus: you don’t have to worry about clean up. Just gather the containers and throw them in the trash (or recycling!).

Now that you’re armed with the pro tips, order brunch.

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