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How To Pair Beer With Your Delivery

In honor of Craft Beer Week, we’re sharing some top notch pairings of delivery foods and beers.

Lemongrass-Ginger Mussels + Belgian Beer

Belgian beer comes in many forms but we can agree that it is a flavorful and tasty pick when you’re look to compliment a meal. Seafood like mussels, oysters, or lobster rolls are a great food pairing with your Belgian beer. Whether it’s a blonde ale or a stout, try these food pairings and you won’t be disappointed. Find seafood delivery near you.

Mussels from Public House in Chicago

BBQ Pulled Pork Flatbread + Porter

A darker style beer, a porter will go perfectly with barbecue. Known as a richer beer altogether, dishes like ribs, pulled pork, wings, or brisket help compliment a thick and hearty porter and vise versa. Brush up on some barbecue facts, then find some barbecue delivery near you.

Flatbread from Public House in Chicago

Chicken Sandwich with Tots + Summer Lager

Summer lagers are the perfect beer to wash down a crispy and crunchy chicken sandwich — with tots on the side of course. Also try kale chicken caesar salads, chicken tacos, or even crispy fried chicken a la carte. Find chicken sandwich delivery near you.

Chicken sandwich from Public House in Chicago

Enjoy craft beer week with these delivery food pairings.

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