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6 Debates That Taste Better Than The Presidential Debate

While the presidential debate heats up, we’re throwing out a few talking points of our own — the most notorious food debates. Do you defend ketchup as the reigning condiment? Are you a deep dish loyalist? Spark up your own discourse during this tense debate season based on the below commonly disputed food rivals.

Whether you believe in one, the other, or a consistent mix of the two, the fight between ketchup or mustard as the reigning condiment is one debate that never dies.

Sure, there are sports rivals. But have you ever heard of burger chain rivals? Who wins when it’s West coast’s In-N-Out versus East coast’s Shake Shack?

Highly dependant on your geographic location, you know any fizzy beverage by one of two names. Soda or Pop — which is it?

To the untrained palette, both are equally buttery and refreshing — but only a true lobster roll connoisseur can tell you whether a New England or Connecticut lobster roll takes the cake.

Pizza holds a near and dear place in many diners’ hearts. Some may say it depends on the mood, but there is a true belonging to a thin crust or deep dish party — which do you sway towards?

Possibly one of the most heated debates in the food community, yet again between Californians, is that of who takes the crown for best Mexican cuisine. Some judge based on fish tacos, other on carnitas. We’ll let you Californians take it from here.

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