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New Year, New Foods

The new year is in full swing, and we’re here to help anyone who hasn’t figured out their 2017 resolution. Explore these different food resolutions, and then start eating towards the one that best suits your new year, new you.

You want to eat: More adventurously

Take your tastebuds on a trip. After all, poke is so 2016, and it’s time to see what new flavors are out there. Heard of mondongo? This soup is a well-known dish in the Dominican Republic and Colombia, and is made of hearty meats and vegetables. This may be a large departure from what you’re used to eating, but this is your chance to make 2017 the year that you order out of your food comfort zone.

Check out these other adventurous foods trending up for 2017

Spam Musubi – A popular Hawaiian snack consisting of a thick piece of sushi with a slice of spam

Takoyaki – A savory, breaded and stuffed Japanese snack, often including octopus and seaweed

Ternera – The Spanish translation for veal-based dishes

You want to eat: Healthier

Burgers, pizza, and fries, oh my! If your diet dates back to your dorm days, it may finally be time to stir things up. Kick your resolution into high gear by replacing your normal order with a protein-infused, vegetable drink or shake. If you’re not ready to dive into the deep-end with a green drink, try simply being conscious about adding more combinations of fruits and veggies to your favorite orders instead of fries and chips.

Here’s a few way you can order healthier delivery in 2017:

Use the “healthy” filter to quickly find restaurants with lighter menu options

Take advantage of the special instructions, and ask to skip the cheese or mayo

Opt for pickup instead of delivery to burn some extra calories before mealtime

You want to eat: More consciously

You’ve got a lot on your plate when it comes to life, so you want to make sure what you have on your plate when it’s time to eat is ready to go. Meal prepping is an amazing asset for a busy schedule, and delivery makes it even easier. Ask for an extra takeout box, and quickly make one meal into two or three, or order from places that pre-package their meals so you can keep track of portions and nutrition.

Here’s a few ways to order more consciously in 2017:

Preorder delivery all week to make your meals consistent,on-time, and save you from last minute cravings

Package and store half of your delivery right away to get two meals out of one

Opt for protein-rich dishes to keep you fuller for longer

You want to be: More social

Feeling isolated when you eat at your desk? Order in and share it! While it can be a little difficult to start a conversation sometimes, tacos can definitely relieve some of the awkwardness when meeting new people. Order some extra and invite a co-worker to sit down at the table with you. Who knows, they might buy next time!

Check out a few shareable dishes to inspire your group lunch menu:

A big, cheesy pizza

An impressive serving of nachos

A dozen donuts for a delightful shared dessert

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