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10 Trending Dishes For October

No doubt about it, we are headed into the fall season at full speed. We took a look at the foods trending this month to get some ideas for what to order as the leaves begin to change. According to our data, these are going to be the most popular orders this month, so check ‘em out!

We’re stepping away from the fruity, light salads and returning to a standard favorite — the wedge salad. Sprinkled with bacon, tomatoes, onions and bleu cheese, this classic iceberg lettuce salad is perfect for delivery.

Chicken fingers aren’t just for kids! This fun take on chicken is trending up for the season. Make sure to get all the dipping sauces included in your order for the ultimate #TBT experience.

Yes, the poke bowl was the food of the summer. So this means we’re still working our way out of summer mode and there is nothing wrong with that! Poke is still a great pick for lunch year round if you have it available for delivery near you.

Move aside chicken burrito — time to get even heartier with a ground beef version. A ground beef burrito is a classic Tex Mex take on burritos, and we love it. Don’t forget to add guac, cheese and crema.

In case you didn’t know, yes you can get a whole rotisserie chicken delivered — and nothing says fall comfort food like this take on chicken. Order up some sides with it and call it a meal.

Nacho season is finally back. Nachos are the quintessential food of football season and even for those who don’t know what an end zone is, who doesn’t love a giant pile of tortilla chips with heaping mounds of meat, cheese and veggies?

Similar to poke, this popular veggie took the spotlight in summer, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t planning on sticking around for the fall season. Instead of chopped in a salad, we’re ordering them roasted or sauteed to go with our hearty fall food favorites.

We’re thinking “heartier” takes on summer favorites are becoming a theme here. That being said, go ahead and replace those shoestring frites for thick cut wedge fries. They’re roasted, seasoned, and perfect for the fall season.

Not into red meat? No problem. The crispy chicken burger is making a splash this fall. Load it up with slaw, pickles and aioli to make it a magical burger experience.

One of our BBQ favorites is taking the cake as the top trending food for the month. Find your closest BBQ joint and order some ribs, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and baked beans — don’t forget a pickle!

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