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Top Vegan Dishes Ordered In Chicago

Just because a vegan diet is strict, doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious. Luckily for plant-eating Chicagoans, this city has plenty of restaurants specializing in the meat and dairy free category. So many in fact, that even more eateries are introducing vegan dishes onto their omnivore menus.

The vegans of Grubhub have placed their orders. These are our favorite animal product-free dishes available for delivery in Chicago.

These sweet and tangy “wings” still pack a crunch. For those of us who remember wings fondly from your meat-eating days, this is a crunchy alternative that won’t leave you hungry for more. Order up from Bon Bon Sandwiches.

Bon Bon Sandwiches
2333 W North Ave

Nestled out in Norwood Park, Bangkok Belly serves up a rice paper egg roll filled with cabbage, carrots and glass noodles. Served, of course, with some of our favorite sweet and sour sauce.

Bangkok Belly
6132 N Northwest Hwy

If you’re looking for a fresh smoothie that doesn’t shock your bank account, build your own perfect flavor at Urban Vegan.

Urban Vegan
1605 W Montrose Ave

If texture is something you’re particular about, the Nhu Lan Bakery tofu bahn mi should be your next order. This sandwich serves up the perfect flavors with just enough crunch.

Nhu Lan Bakery
2612 W Lawrence Ave

Vegans, rejoice.

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