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10 Soups For The Season

It's officially time to enjoy a hot bowl of soup, and there's more than enough variety to last us all season. When it gets cold outside, what are the best soups to warm your insides? Here are a few of our favorites.

For years, scientists (or at least our stomachs) believed that grilled cheese sandwiches were the perfect food, all by themselves. When tomato soup joined the scene, the stand-alone sandwich became part of a dynamic duo and lunchtime was never the same. Tomato soup, we salute you. Find tomato soup near you.

A perfect starter to a big meal, or even a hearty dish all on its own, this has been known as the “soup of the people” since the 18th century. Whether you top yours with bread, cheese, or both, you’ll understand why France is known for its cuisine. Find French onion soup near you.

Everything you love about Mexican food, in a soup. This is the soup to try when your heart says “fiesta” while the weather says “siesta”. Find tortilla soup near you.

This herbal Vietnamese bowl of flavor packs a heat, and also happens to be a dish Grubhub predicts will rise in order popularity in 2017. Adding your own spices like ginger, cardamom, and coriander can be daunting at first, but don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the version right for you. Find pho near you.

Not actually served at most weddings, this soup is named for the “marriage” of greens and broth to create a holy flavor union that can’t be beat. Find Italian wedding soup near you.

This versatile, filling concoction gets better and better the more you riff with it. Starting with a simple base of beans and broth, throw in ingredients like sour cream, cilantro or jalapeños, and you’ll discover a whole world of flavor. Find black bean soup near you.

Chicken noodle soup may not be the first soup ever made, but it’s the first to steal our hearts. If the dropping temps outside give you the sniffles, look no further than this comforting hug in a bowl. Find chicken noodle soup near you.

According to Aristophanes, in ancient Greece, lentil soup was the “sweetest of the delicacies.” Are you really going to argue with one of the founders of Western civilization? Find lentil soup near you.

Jewish dumplings served in a chicken broth is a savory comfort that is always welcome, not to mention a cure-all for just about any sickness. Fondly referred to as “Jewish penicillin” this soup works wonders for your mind, body, and soul. Find matzo ball soup near you.

Whether you go with classic creamy New England or get saucy with the tomato based Manhattan version, this seaside favorite soup will have you craving the coast in no time. Find clam chowder near you.

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