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The Essential Guide to Ordering Froyo

Let’s talk about yogurt’s ice cold sister, frozen yogurt—a.k.a. froyo. She’s similar to ice cream, except low in fat, a little tart and made with milk instead of cream. She’s creating lines all summer long and changing her taste every chance. From fruit slices to candy pieces, there are so many colorful, flavorful toppings to […]

The Essential Guide to Ordering Salad

Eating clean in 2019? Order a salad. Had a big breakfast or lunch and want something a bit lighter for your next meal? Definitely order a salad. Really went hard on carbs this weekend? You guessed it–order a salad. Sometimes ordering a salad seems like the simplest thing, but we’ve put together a guide with our top […]

The Essential Guide to Barbecue Sides

It’s barbecue season! We’re talking pulled pork, ribs, brisket and whatever else your crew loves to devour on beautiful summer days. And don’t forget about the sides. These delicious dishes complement your grilled meats and keep you and your loved ones coming back for seconds (and thirds). Whether you’re lookin’ for carbs or are in […]

The Essential Guide to Curry

Curries can be found in a variety of cuisines, stretching from India all the way to Thailand. One of the most colorful dishes you can find on a menu, curry can range from just a dash of heat for flavor to four-fire-emojis hot. Is curry your go-to dish or one you’ve felt intimidated to order […]

The Essential Guide to Ordering Smoothies

Crushed a morning workout and want something to tide you over? Smoothie. Had a really big lunch and aren’t really in the mood to eat, but know you have to? Smoothie. Broke both of your arms in a freak skiing accident and can’t use a knife and fork? A.) We’re really sorry and B.) smoothie. […]

The Essential Guide to Chicken Shawarma

Have you ever had a shawarma bowl? Well, it’s one of our top-ordered dishes where vertically roasted, juicy meats cook for hours before being carefully sliced and placed alongside a colorful combination of vegetables, grains and sauces. Yeah, we know you want to learn more about it (then order one immediately, most likely). Ready to […]

The Essential Guide to the Perfect Mezze Spread

And by spread…we literally mean spread. Oh, and dips too. Honestly, we use these pretty interchangeably, don’t you? One of the many beautiful things about Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine is the prolific amount of dips. Take a piece of warm, fluffy pita and dunk it in…wait, what should you dunk it in?! That’s where […]