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The Essential Guide to the Perfect Mezze Spread

And by spread…we literally mean spread. Oh, and dips too. Honestly, we use these pretty interchangeably, don’t you?

One of the many beautiful things about Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine is the prolific amount of dips. Take a piece of warm, fluffy pita and dunk it in…wait, what should you dunk it in?!

That’s where we come in. Read our tips on ordering up the ideal mezze (appetizer) feast.


A fan of eggplant? This spread first involves baking/broiling this purple veggie–to get a distinctively smoky taste–which is then mashed up with tahini (toasted sesame), olive oil, garlic and salt.


Is it possible that you’ve not heard of hummus? (Doubtful.) Predominantly made of ground chickpeas, this creamy spread is also comprised of tahini, olive oil, garlic, salt and sometimes a dash of lemon.


Chopped parsley (which gives it that vibrant coloring), tomatoes and onions are then commingled with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon to form tabouleh (which is commonly eaten on its own as a salad or on top of shawarma).


Well, you’ve heard tahini mentioned a few times already…and that’s because it’s a main ingredient in a lot of Mediterranean dips, but it also can stand on its own. You might often see tahini sauce as a popular add on for gyros.


This lesser known dish is made up of fish roe (usually salted cod), olive oil, lemon and sometimes, a bit of mashed potatoes. A dash of pepper or chopped onions might be found in certain variations for an added kick.


This distinctively white spread is yogurt-based, spiced up by plenty of garlic, chopped cucumbers, olive oil and a smattering of herbs (especially dill). Depending on what country you’re in, you’ll see it referred to as tzatziki or cacik.

Ready to BYO mezze platter?