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The Essential Guide to Ordering Froyo

Let’s talk about yogurt’s ice cold sister, frozen yogurt—a.k.a. froyo. She’s similar to ice cream, except low in fat, a little tart and made with milk instead of cream. She’s creating lines all summer long and changing her taste every chance.

From fruit slices to candy pieces, there are so many colorful, flavorful toppings to make sure froyo pops on your Insta and in your mouth. The options can be a little overwhelming, so here’s our guide to help you order.

Small, medium or large?

How much froyo are you in the mood for? Maybe you want a small snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. Maybe you’re looking to treat yourself but don’t want to go overboard, so a medium is perfect. Or maybe a large because after the day you’ve had, you’re indulging to the max. Pick whatever your heart desires. No judgment.

Choose a flavor or two

Filled with unique flavors, your local froyo place is its own little world. You have your typical flavors, like chocolate and vanilla. Then you have more inventive riffs on these classics, like Tahitian Vanilla and Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle (try saying that five times fast). Give all the flavors a taste. And if you fancy more than one, do a little swirl.

Load up on toppings

If you’re in a breakfast state of mind, throw in some cereal—like Coco Puffs or Trix. On a health kick? Toss in diced fruit. There’s even a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for chocolate lovers, like Oreos and chocolate chips. Pro tip: “too many toppings” is not a thing… but, make sure you ask for them on the side so you can control the perfect topping-to-yogurt ratio bite.

Slather the sauce

This is where things get a little messy—in a good way. Complement your toppings and froyo flavor with your choice of sauce. Add some extra oomph to your chocolate dream with hot fudge. Or jazz up your breakfast delight with raspberry sauce. Drizzle the gooey goodness across the top and get ready to be mesmerized.

And, have no fear… it’ll arrive cold

The people behind the froyo really know how to keep things cool–like really cool. They package your summer-in-a-cup ever so carefully and surround it with ice packs. That means the first bite you take when it arrives to you is gloriously chilled.

It’s time to cool down with frozen yogurt.