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The Essential Guide to Chicken Shawarma

Have you ever had a shawarma bowl? Well, it’s one of our top-ordered dishes where vertically roasted, juicy meats cook for hours before being carefully sliced and placed alongside a colorful combination of vegetables, grains and sauces.

Yeah, we know you want to learn more about it (then order one immediately, most likely). Ready to dig in?

Build it from the bottom up

Whether its long grain rice or farro, the start of a shawarma bowl is with a grain base. Avoiding carbs? Leafy greens have made their way on the scene as a perfectly viable alternative.

Nice to meat you

There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to selecting your protein…with chicken, beef and even lamb often making the menu. Looking to go meatless? Falafel is a great alternative.

There’s no stopping with the toppings

From the usual suspects like tomatoes and cucumbers all the way to neon pickled turnips and shredded cabbage, the topping options are innumerable. Load ‘em up.

Dip, drizzle, dip again

Think: a bright spoonful of tabbouleh, a heaping dollop of hummus and a never-ending zig zag of tahini to top it all off. But, let’s be real, the list is too long to name…or is it? (Check out our blog about the best dips for the perfect mezze spread.)

Shawarma ready?